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Serial port service for Niagara 4 Supervisor

This service adds the required functionality so that you may continue to use serial port in Niagara 4 Supervisor like Niagara AX.
(Tridium did not implement serial port support in Niagara 4 Supervisor.)

Also this service is more generic in the way that you can use the same service on multiple platforms (That be Windows, Linux and macOS).


  • Supported from Niagara 4.2.34 to 4.4 beta
  • Unified driver works on Windows 32/64, Linux 32/64 and potentially macOS 64bit when officially supported by Tridium.
  • Platform native serial port names instead of COMx for Linux/macOS in order to stop guesswork on which serial port you are using.


Contact me if you have any questions regarding this service.