Z-Wave Sniffer

See what’s going on in your Z-Wave network!
Perfect tool for both installer and end user who want to debug a Z-Wave network.


  • Realtime monitoring
  • See all packets from all Z-Wave networks
  • All Z-Wave regions (*)
  • Firmware upgradable
  • No software required (**)
  • Works with all Z-Wave controllers (Including Fibaro, Homeseer, Tridium Niagara, Z-Way, SmartThings, Vera or any other Z-Wave controller)

* Regions other than EU/USA might have shorter range due to hardware design.
** Driver required. See download section.


The Z-Wave sniffer can show all traffic. But some times you might want to limit what you see.
Built into the sniffer there are filters for home id, node id and class type. More filters will come in the future.


No filters enabled

Here you see all the raw Z-Wave traffic near by you.


Node filter

Here we filter by node id.


Class filter

Here we only show a specific command class.