Serial Platform Service Generic enables serial port support for Niagara Supervisor.

This module was primarily developed for Niagara 4. However the module now support both Niagara 4 and AX.

The service is implemented with more flexible serial port support in mind. There is support for Windows, Linux and macOS in 32bit and 64bit variants all in 1 module wheres Tridium originally had 1 module for each platform.


  • Supported on Niagara N4 4.2.34 to 4.6
  • Supported on Niagara AX 3.6.406 to 3.8
  • Unified driver works on Windows 32/64, Linux 32/64 and potentially macOS 64bit when officially supported by Tridium.
  • Platform native serial port names instead of COMx for Linux/macOS in order to stop guesswork on which serial port you are using.


Contact me if you have any questions regarding this module.