• CPU: BCM4780 300 MHz MIPS32 Network-Attached Storage Processor
  • Memory: 32MB (2 x MT 46V8M16 – 8Mx16)
  • Flash: 2MB (ST M29W160EB – 16Mb)
  • USB Controller: VT6212 4-port USB 2.0 Host Controller
  • IDE Controller: ATP865 PCI Ultra ATA133 IDE Chip
  • PHY: BCM5241 – 10/100BASE-TX Single-Channel Tranceiver
  • Fan: Sunon MagLev Fan KDE503PEV3-8 – 30×30×6mm 5V Fan

TTL level serial port (J10):

 1 - +3v
 2 - RX
 3 - TX
 4 - GND

It’s important to know that you need a TTL level shifter in order to utilize this port. You can NOT directly connect this port to your PC’s RS232 port.


The MSS and MSS+ uses the same hardware, the MSS+ just comes with a newer firmware version (2.4.x insted of 1.2.x) and is available with larger harddrives (like 500GB)



Frontside of the MSS motherboard

Backside of the MSS motherboard