mss122_openmss2 firmware released (24. July 2005)

  • Added ipkg (you can install packages remote now)
  • setup a real init.d enviroment
  • added package dp500serv and busybox to
  • moved telnet init stuff to opt so that telnet can be disabled

You can read more here.
– Jon released (23. July 2005)
In hope that we can build a large community around the MSS, I have created our own domain for this project. The old page have been split into different sections now…
– Jon

KiSS dp500serv ported to OpenMSS (18. July 2005)
I have ported and corrected a few bugs enabling this streaming service to run on the MSS. I’m currently using it myself for my DP-558 You can find more information in the forum.
– Jon

My new Maxtor Shared Storage (4. May 2005):
I got my MSS today. The first thing I did, was of course to open it up and look at the circuit board. I quickly found a interesting 4 pin connector (J10) that I verified with a multimeter to contain GND and 3 pins with 3v. After that I made a serial connector and got nice access to the boot loader (CFE) and could see kernel messages and eventually get access to the shell 🙂

The root filesystem is stored on the start of the harddrive, so it should be pretty safe to work with that as long as you make a backup of that partition (/dev/ide/host2/bus0/target0/lun0/part1). It’s a CramFS image. The shared volume itself is stored on a reiserfs partition on a Linux software raid device.
– Jon