Smart tags for Niagara 4.2 – 4.9

Currently provides WordTag and ProxyExtSlotTag.

Background: You are in the situation where you are deploying a new Niagara installation with thousands of points. Then you are going to tag all the points for use with Analytics, Hierarchy, for searching or other uses. It can be a real headache.

Solution: WordTag dynamically tags each point based on the naming of the points.

You have defined several points that you want to tag. All the points has descriptive names using words separated with underscores:

All you need to do is setup a Tag List based on your point scheme:

If you now want to present the tag’ed points in a hierarchy, you could setup something like this:

Which would produce something like this:

The logic to setup this is really simple and can potentially save you for weeks of job in just a few minutes.

Contact me if you are interested to know more about WordTag.